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Plant Protection and Inspection Services
Manager Abed Gera
Address P.O.B. 78, Beit-Dagan, zip code 50250
Phone 03-9681500/1
Fax 03-9603005
Email rickym@moag.gov.il
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The Plant Protection and Inspection Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are responsible for the enforcement of laws and regulations and provision of professional services in respect of plant protection, monitoring and prevention of plant diseases; as well as for import and export of agricultural produce.

The Plant Protection and Inspection Services is a competent authority, entitled to issue international certificates which are required for trade in agriculture produce, such as: health certificates, organic produce export certificates, and quality certificates of fresh agriculture produce. The Plant Protection and Inspection Services are also engaged in the following subjects:

·         Opening new markets for Israeli agricultural produce export, through reciprocity agreements with plant protection authorities of importing countries.

·         Preventing intrusion of plant diseases into Israel’s boundaries.

·         Monitoring and preventing the spread of new and existing plant diseases.

·         Introducing new species in plant quarantine stations.

·         Inspecting and monitoring growth systems, in order to create clean propagation material for local agriculture and for export.

·         Inspection and control service of bad weeds, vertebrates and gastropods.

·         Inspecting agricultural produce quality and the provision of special treatments to export-intended produce, in accordance with the requirements of the destination countries.

·         Building a database and means of illustration for agricultural-produce quality standards.

·         Registering, licensing and tracking pesticides for agricultural use.

·         Database service of licensed pesticides in Israel.

·         Laboratory service for inspecting pesticides and their residues in agricultural produce.

·         Diagnostic laboratory service for plant diseases in the fields of Entomology, phytopathology and Nematology.

·         Laboratory service for tracking fodder quality.

·         Laboratory service for inspecting genetically modified (GMO) plants and microorganisms.      

·         Service for acknowledgment of external laboratories.

·         Professional support services for plant protection issues.


The Plant Protection and Inspection Services operate in accordance with the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000. Our chemistry laboratories are accredited by the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority with international standard ISO 17-025, which testifies about their competence to perform proper tests. The unit operates in accordance with additional international standards as well.
The Plant Protection and Inspection Services maintain professional ties and relations with parallel authorities worldwide, and we do our very best to keep up with the technology and information front.  By these means, the Unit improves its service to farmers and the wide public.
The Unit can provide this variety of activities and services mainly thanks to its team of experts, advanced laboratory equipment and implementation of innovative and sophisticated methods.


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Plant Protection and Inspection Services