Agricultural Research Organization




​The Agricultural Research Organization is Israel’s biggest - and world famous - institute of agricultural research.
Its main roles are:


·         Assisting Israel’s farmers to solve various problems.

·         Planning and executing research and development on new         and strategic agriculture and food science subjects.

·         Organizing and implementing agricultural research in Israel.


The researchers of the Agricultural Research Organization teach in Higher Education Institutes and in advanced agriculture courses, for local and foreign participants. These researchers also guide students of postgraduate degrees.

Many of the innovations that were developed in the Agricultural Research Organization have been commercially implemented, in Israel and abroad; especially in the following areas:


·        Protected crops (greenhouses)

·        Irrigation

·        Agriculture in arid areas

·        Produce treatment after picking

·        Plant protection

·        Automation and technology

·        New species of fruits, vegetables and decorative plants.


The farmers, agricultural industries and above all Israel’s wide public of consumers are the direct beneficiaries of the Agricultural Research Organization’s achievements, as they enjoy a diversity of high-quality agricultural produce.


Agricultural Research Organization









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