Pesticides Registration

According to Israeli Law, the General Director of the PPIS is the official authority for the registration of pesticides for agricultural use. The usage and selling of plant protection products is stipulated by prior registration and licensing.

The Chemistry Service (Pesticides and Feeds) is responsible for the licensing and registration process.
Plant protection products include:
• Plant growth, flowering and fruiting regulators.
• Micronutrients.
• Defoliators.
• Products exterminating, repelling, attracting or preventing pests, pest growth regulators.
• Adjuvants – surfactants, wetting and sticking agents.
• Wound sealing materials.

The registration process stages are:
a) Field experiments - the approval of the PPIS General Director is required in order to carry out experiments with a new product. To receive such an approval, the applicant must submit an application form and the documents required in that form, to the Center of Field Experiments in the Pesticides Department.

b) Discussion in the Biological Committee (Preparations Committee) - a committee of experts, serving as advisors to the PPIS General Director, discuss the evidence obtained from field experiments, which should prove the product’s efficiency of control and safety of use in every claimed pest-crop combination.
Criteria for submitting an efficiency folder are to be found in Procedures.

An application form should be filled and application fee paid in order to register for discussion in the Biological Committee. For fee rates, see Publications.

c) Toxicological Committee (Inter-ministerial) - discusses the safety of the product to humans, to animals, and to the environment. Approval by the Biological Committee is required before any discussion by this committee. An Application form for such a discussion should be submitted.

Criteria for submitting a toxicology folder are to be found in Procedures.

d) Determination of Harvest Interval and Maximal Residue Limits (MRL) in edible crops - this is based on data from the decline curve of the product, which can be determined in the PPIS laboratories or in other certified laboratories. A prerequisite of decline curve determination is an approval of the field experiments program by the Chemical Service and coordination of the experiments with the Service.

See procedures for the performance of decline curve determination experiments, in Procedures.

e) Label approval - the layout and contents of the label are specified by the Plant Protection Regulations (Importation and Selling of Chemical Preparations) – 1994. The label should represent the various recommendations made by the approving committees. The label will be approved in the Pesticide Department, Chemistry Service.

A pesticide label layout may be found in Procedures.

f) Pesticide registration and​ issuing of a registration certificate - following the approval of the product and its label by the committees, a Pesticide Registration Fee should be paid (see Publications). The product will then receive a license number, and its registration certificate will be issued

g) Expanding the label of a registered product - in order to add new crops or new pests to the label of a registered pesticide, articles b, c, and e must be carried out.

h) Registration renewal - product registration has to be renewed every three years, as specified by the Regulations. A Renewal Application form has to be submitted (see Forms), and in addition – an updated label, a product sample, technical papers and analytical standard with all the appropriate documentation. A renewal fee will have to be paid (see Fees and Service Charges in Publications).

i) Cancellation of a product registration certificate - in order to cancel the registration certificate of a registered product, the certificate owner should apply to the Pesticide Department and ask for instructions.

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