The Plant Protection and Inspection Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development notify the general public that corn cakes of the type Corn Thins Organic Sesame – Organic Thin corn cake with Sesame, manufactured by Real Foods of St. Peters Australia, imported by Danshar, under the Australian Standard, do not comply with the provisions of law and directives regulating organic produce in Israel, and therefore are not organic.   

Produce of fresh and processed vegetable and animal organic agriculture is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Therefore, a consumer wishing to consume organic produce, and to be certain that the product they are buying was indeed grown and produced in compliance with the Organic Standard that is supervised by one of the certification and control bodies authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture (Sakal Israel, Agrior and IQC - Institute of Quality & Control), should look for the Organic Logo of the Ministry of Agriculture on organic products.

Furthermore, since the law took effect (in 2008), the Ministry conducts "overall supervision", in addition to the regular, ongoing monitoring conducted by the supervisory bodies for organic produce in Israel, both on the pesticide residue level and the level of traceability and labeling of consumer products.


Additionally, as of the date the law took effect, the issue of organic produce in Israel has been regulated - which ingredients are prohibited / permitted for use in organic products, how organic produce must be grown and what restrictions apply (distance from "ordinary" fields, irrigation, preventing erosion), how to convert  a "conventional" field into an organic one, how to pack, store and ship organic agricultural produce, how to display organic produce in retail outlets, how it should be packaged and marked, the supervision and control carried out on organic products, the conditions for importing organic produce and more.

Organic Thin corn cake with Sesame, are not organic