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The Agricultural Extension Service is a unit that handles four main areas:

·         Training farmers in different methods, according to need.

·         Providing professional training to farmers.

·         Producing applied knowledge through field experiments and observations.

·         Professional counseling to units of the Ministry of Agriculture.


Special emphasis is given to subjects that reflect public and social benefits and that serve the farmers in particular as well as the entire population. There are professional teams, on the national and district levels, that are working on the promotion of these subjects.


·        Water aspects - efficient use of water; water recycling; use of reclaimed and salty water.

·         Integrating technologies and mechanization, thus saving in labor force.

·         Improving the quality of agricultural produce to meet international standards, for both the local market and export.

·         Decreasing the use of pesticides in vegetal agriculture.

·         Promoting agricultural subjects that are related to the quality of the environment (dairy-farm reform; use of sludge in agriculture; prevention of agricultural trimming burning, etc).

·         Diversifying available species in agricultural production.


Agricultural Extension Service of Israel - Shaham