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Fax: 03-9485859
 Address: Director-General’s Office, Hamakkabim Road, Rishon LeZion, P.O.Box 30 Beit Dagan 50200
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​​Office of the Minister​​
Phone: 03-9485800 
​Fax: 03-9485835
Address: Hamakkabim Road, Rishon LeZion, P.O.Box 30 Beit Dagan 50200

​Office of the Director-General
Phone: 03-9485532​ 
​Fax: 03-9485859
Hamakkabim Road, Rishon LeZion, P.O.Box 30 Beit Dagan 50200

​Internal A​udit​Phone: 03-9485381​ 
​Fax: 03-9485896
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Communications and Spokesmanship
​Phone: 03-9485436​​ 
​Fax: 03-9485782
​Ministry's Districts Galil-Golan District:
Phone: 04-6816102
​Fax: 04-6902597

The Center District:
Phone: 04-6303411
​Fax: 04-6303408

The Negev district:
Phone: 08-9920990
​Fax: 08-6209331
Ha'amakim District:
Phone: 04-6489100​
​Fax: 04-6489127

Hashfela Ve Ha'har District:
​Phone: 03-9559999
​Fax: 03-9559998/0                     

​Fishery and Aquaculture​Phone: 03-9485426​
​Fax: 03-9485735​
Central Investigation ​Phone: 03-9559911
Fax: 03-9559915
Phone numbers - Unit Regions
Central Region:  03-9559932
Northern Region: 04-6489110  
Southern Region: 08-9920989
Plant Protection and Inspection Services​Phone: 03-9681500
​Fax: 03-9603005
Veterinary Services​​Phone: 03-9682612​
​Fax: 03-9682641​
​Agricultural Extension Service of Israel - Shaham​Phone:03-9485345
​Fax: 03-9485668
​​​National Dogs Register​​Phone: 03-9681610
​Fax: 03-9485939
Forestry and Trees​Phone: 03-9485385
​Fax: 03-9485941
United Arab Emirates – Public Inquiries
EmailSubject of the Inquiry PositionName
Yakovp@moag.gov.il Governmental RelationsSenior Deputy Director General - Center for Foreign Trade & International CooperationMs. Yakov Poleg
talis@moag.gov.ilEconomics, Monitoring and EvaluationMs. Tali Shlomi
AmirG@moag.gov.ilExport of agricultural produceDirector of Export & Sale promotionMr. Amir Ginossar
Danielw@moag.gov.ilAgricultural cooperationDirector of Projects & Special Assignments Mr. Daniel Werner
Galita@moag.gov.ilDelegations & official visits coordination Director of Training Ms. Galit Aber
smadarm@moag.gov.il  Delegations & official visits coordination

Deputy Director, Foreign Relations Department

Ms. Smadar Moisa

Bedouin Authority​​Legal Office:
Settlement Division (Mission Teams-“Garine’-mesima” )​Phone: 03-9485445
​Fax: 03-9485811
​​​Accessibility inquiries03-9485459