Declaration of Accessibility

Declaration of Accessibility
This website has been set up and is administered by the Information Systems Service and the Spokesman’s Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
We regard the provision of equal service to all citizens and improvement of the service delivered to special-needs citizens to be of the highest importance. To achieve this, considerable resources have been invested in making the website accessible, in an effort to make it as easy as possible to use it, and to turn the Ministry of Agriculture’s services and the information included in it - more readily available for the special-needs users of the website
According to the 'Accessibility Israel’ Association, approximately 20-25% of the population of Israel encounter difficulty in accessibility to the Internet. The making of the website accessible is intended, therefore, to improve it such that it will be more available, friendly and convenient for the special-needs populations, which result, inter alia, from various motoric impairment, cognitive impairment, short-sightedness, blindness or color blindness, hearing impairment and the senior citizen population.
In accordance with the requirements of the Equal Rights for Special Needs Persons Regulations (adaptations of accessibility to service), 2013. 
The website complies with grade AA of the accessibility standard. According to the criteria detailed in the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the international standard organization - the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), accessibility to the Internet:

Accessibility level on the website
  • There is an accessibility bar on the top-right part of the website, with various options such as: enlarge text, adapt to vision-impaired, adapt to color blind, hide animations, and normal display.
  • Navigation through the website is simple and clear. It is possible to navigate using the keyboard by selecting the relevant item from the accessibility bar.
  • The website content is written clearly, it is well-organized and hierarchic. And if necessary, there are explanations beside the content. 
  • The website is compatible for viewing on the latest browsers.
  • The website adaptation for display is compatible with a variety of screens and resolutions.
  • The website content is written in clear, simple language.
  • All of he pages within the website have a fixed structure.
  • Images on the website have an alternative text explanation (alt). 
  • The website enables changing the font size by pressing CTRL and rolling the mouse scroll wheel.
  • The links within the website are highlighted accessibility to the relevant selection on the accessibility bar.
  • ​Moving or flashing text is not used on the website.

It is important to note that despite all our efforts to make all of the web pages accessible, there may be parts or capabilities on the website which have not been properly made accessible or which are not yet accessible, such as documents in PDF files and images which were uploaded to the site prior to 2015.
We are working to improve the site’s accessibility as a part of our commitment to enable the entire population to use it, including people with disabilities. 
Contact Us
If in the course of your navigation through the website you encounter an accessibility issue, which hinders your further navigation, we would be grateful to receive comments and requests through our online request (In Hebrew) (please choose - functionality or ideas for improving the site).
 To enable us to best handle the issue, we strongly recommend you include the following information in as much detail as possible:
  • Description of the issue
  • What were you trying to do
  • Link to the page you were on
  • Browser name and version
  • Operating system
  • Supporting technology (if used). ​

We ​​will do our best to make the website optimally accessible and to respond to requests as professionally and quickly as possible. 
We wish you pleasant use of the website.