CINADCO is a unit within Israel's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development serving as its professional entity for international agricultural development activities in Israel and abroad. Our goal is to enhance agricultural development and rural economic growth in developing countries through human capacity building, transfer of expertise and technologies. 

Israel’s agricultural production has increased as much as seventeen-fold over a period of 70 years despite extreme climatic and physical constraints of limited land and water resources. This demonstrates that Israel has succeeded in developing sustainable agricultural production, applying advanced and efficient irrigation technologies and water management practices. These factors, combined with inter-disciplinary comprehensive development considerations, have helped Israel become a relevant example for developing countries facing similar physical, topographical and development conditions.

In this context, CINADCO, through its overall professional and operational programs
and activities, manifests the importance of and need for comprehensive and practical
agricultural solutions. This is accompanied by active investments in human-resource
development together with improved rural infrastructure and services, and efficient
management of production resources. An active and innovative agricultural extension service and a Research & Development (R&D) program, combined with grassroots
participation, are critical elements in this endeavor.

CINADCO is involved in formulating, implementing and conducting international agricultural and rural development cooperation programs. Collaborating in developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs with governmental ministries and institutions, the international aid community and donor countries.

The hallmark of CINADCO activities is sharing agricultural experience by the integration of research, extension and demonstration project development. 
Its overall activities include:
Agricultural and Research and Development training courses and workshops held in Israel
Tailor made professional visits and delegations
On-the-spot overseas training courses and seminars 
Planning and executing agricultural and rural development demonstration projects