CINADCO organizes professional study visits mainly for senior professionals, policy and decision makers. The prime aim is to become directly acquainted with Israel’s own agricultural and rural setting, organizational structure, technology base, R&D practices and to observe different development and implementation modalities.

Such study visits include field trips, visits to agriculture related agro-industrial plants,
rural regional organizations, panel discussions and meetings with leading personnel
and professionals and development executives of Israel’s agricultural sector.
Our trainings are tailor made as part of a cooperation with relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations, development agencies, universities and research institutes involved in agricultural and rural development.

Selected Professional Delegations and Study Visits

Professional Study Visit on: Advanced Technologies in Dairy Cattle, September 2017. Headed by Sh. Om Prakash Dhankar, the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Haryana state from India, representing the Indo-Israeli Center of Excellence for Animal Husbandry & Dairying in Hisar. 
The professional programme included:
Overview of the Israeli Dairy Branch
Applied Research for Sustainable Dairy Farming,
Meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Visit to the Israel Cattle Breeders Association
SION Cattle Artificial Insemination Centre
Professional meetings with the leading related companies

A tailor-made training program on: The Linkage between Applied Research, Extension and the Farmer, September 2017. A training program for professionals nominated by the Economic Community of West African States-ECOWAS was conducted in Israel. Participating were 18 representatives from 11 African countries .The aim of the training was to share Israel’s unique cooperation and interaction between researchers, extension services and farmers, taking into consideration the adaptability of methods and technologies to meet local conditions .
The professional programme included:
Introduction to the Chief Scientist office
Extension methods and introduction  to SHAHAM Israel’s Extension Service, 
Ministry of Agriculture
Introduction to the National Research Organization
Applied research and extension
Visits to regional Research and Development stations

Beekeepers Study Visit June 2018: Headed by Mr. Suyarkulov Sherali, Chairperson of the Beekeepers association of Uzbekistan, a delegation of twelve Uzbek officials representing ten different regional Beekeepers association arrived in Israel for a professional study visit on Modern Apiculture.  The aim of the study visit was to introduce the participants to Israel's beekeeping industry. Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Veterinary Institute, The National Agricultural Research Organization, Israel's beekeepers organization and the private sector shared with the participants their professional work.
The professional programme included:
Beekeepers associations and unions
Pollination methods
Quality control of honey
Colony Collapse Disorder
Bee Health
Practical work and field visits

Vegetable production Study Visit for professionals from Togo : A delegation of ten professionals from Togo, alumni’s of MASHAV-CINADCO training held in June 2018, arrived to Israel for a professional study visit on Vegetable Production.
The professional programme included:
Introduction to Israel’s National Extension Service SHAHAM and the vegetable sector
Visit to a modern vegetable nursery
Regional Research and Development Station - Vegetable production under protected conditions
Extension Methods & Tools
Professional field visits

Professional Study Visit for the Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project on: Business development and Post-harvest Technologies. Jointly conducted by CINADCO, MCTC- MASHAV, Global Affairs Canada and MEDA, the professional study visit was held in Israel with the participation of 12 Ukrainian professionals. 
The professional programme included:
Introduction to the Agriculture Research Organization (ARO) VOLCANI Center
Post-Harvest research and practices
Introduction to the Regional  R&D research station
Marketing Practices for Small Businesses
Visit to private farms and packing houses