​​​​​​CINADCO implements and operates training programs focusing on Research and Development (R&D) priority topics in agriculture, conducted jointly with the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.​

The ARO is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the greater part of Israel's ​agricultural research effort, concerned with the solving of current problems in agricultural production and providing for future improvements, through the introduction of new products, precise technologies and modern equipment.

The organization has six institutes: Plant Sciences, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering and Postharvest and Food Sciences.

The R&D International Agricultural Training Program is designed for professionals from academic and government institutions as researches and scientists with a relevant educational and occupational background. The prime aim of the program is to share the abilities and innovations developed within the institution with the students, so that upon their return to their respective countries, it is expected that they should be able to transfer the knowledge and expertise to extension workers, farmers and agricultural industries; contribute to the scientific knowledge on these subjects in their home countries; maintain the scientific relations formed during the course and implement agricultural projects and joint research with scientists from Israel. 

R&D International Course on Growing Vegetables Under Protected Conditions, 2014

Upcoming courses 

Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) – Diagnostics & Regulations 3/5-12/5/2020
Tilapia lake virus: In MAY 2020, the Ministry’s Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation CINADCO will conduct a professional training activity on: Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) – Diagnostics and Regulations. The professional partners and lectures involved in this activity are from the Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Services, Kimron Veterinay Institure and the Tel Aviv University.

For additional information and early registration, please contact: sigalp@moag.gov.il

Suggested List of Courses 

R&D International Course on Integrated Pest Management, 2016