​​​On-the-spot courses are an integral part of the overall human capacity program and of CINADCO’s activities at large. These short-term, intensive courses, workshops or two-week seminars are planned to meet professional, technological development topics, and agricultural development issues. These programs are professionally designed and range from subsistence or traditional to diversified and market-oriented agricultural development as well as being related to specific professional topics and environmental conditions.

A team of two Israeli experts carries out the on-the-spot training activities, in
collaboration with local counterparts and host organizations. The motto of overseas
training programs is professional partnership and sharing of know-how for mutual
benefit. The courses are tailor-made to meet specific local needs and requirements,
thus helping to solve particular problems. Due to the many aspects related to each
subject, the specific topics for each course are planned according to the required
needs of the counterpart institution and country. 

The professional program consists of over fifty different agricultural topics. The subjects reflect Israel’s own professional and technological capabilities together with observation and careful study of agricultural conditions prevailing in the host counterpart country and their relevant interaction.

On the Spot Course on Vegetable Production, Togo 2018​​