The Fishing and Aquaculture operates within the framework of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and under its authority, according to the Fishing Ordinance of 1973. The division is engaged in a wide selection of activities:

  • Managing a fishing interface in the Mediterranean Sea, Eilat Bay and Lake Kinneret.
  • Issuing individual fishing permissions and for fishing boat owners.
  • Supervising and preventing transgressions of the Fishing Ordinance.
  • Preventing the invasion of fish species that might damage
  • the fish and the natural environment.
  • Introducing new species in quarantined spaces.
  • Veterinarian service.
  • Coaching, promoting and developing fish and Aquaculture  industries.
  • Fishing and Aquaculture research.
  • Export and import permissions.
  • Assisting in prescribing medications for the use of farmers.
  • Coaching and training different and diverse model fish farms
  • Collecting continuous data regarding fish and Aquaculture industries, and publicizing it in an annual report.
  • Professional support for entrepreneurs.
  • Restoring and maintaining fishing ports.

This activity is made possible thanks to the professiona level of the division's employees and also, thanks to the use of advanced tools, both in the field of veterinarian service and research.

The division is managed directly by the Director-General of the Ministry and is divided into 4 departments:

  • Inner water agriculture
  • Marine agriculture
  • Maritime fishing
  • Fishing Ports and Inspection

If you see any fishing, netting or trapping you think is illegal, please Call The Call Center of the Fishery and Aquaculture Unit,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week  on 073-221-1133, 




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