• ​ Agritech is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of agro-technologies worldwide, for more than 4 decades. The main goal of the organizers is exposing Israeli novel agro-technologies, including highly efficient irrigation equipment, greenhouses, sophisticated poultry and dairy farm facilities, post-harvest technologies, automation and computerized production control and much more, to a wide range of stakeholders, ministers of agriculture, government officials, commercial delegations and businessmen, experts and scholars and agriculturalists from all over the world. 
  • The Agritech exhibition and the accompanying Agritech conference are conducted once in every three years. Founded in the year 1970 as an initiative of the Extension Service at the Ministry of Agriculture, it was targeted firstly for the Israeli public and became later an international exhibition with the intention to lever the event as a means of exposing Israel's best innovative agro-technologies to visitors from all over the world, increasing our exports and assisting the agricultural sectors elsewhere to enhance and improve fresh food production, contributing to food security in times of global warming.
  • The venue of the Agritech 2018 Exhibition and Conference - the Tel Aviv Convention Center, is renovated and modernized with all necessary facilities for such an event. The visitors from abroad enjoy ample accommodation options available in Tel Aviv and various attractions in this city already tagged as the "the city that never rests". 
  • The range of products and technologies exhibited in the exhibition has broadened over the years and the scale of visitors from overseas who participated in Agritech 2015 amounted to 12,000 along with about 30,000 Israelis. Distribution according to the country of origin showed that the lion's share of the visitors came from developing countries, from Africa, most of the Asian countries, and South and Central America. Among the visitors were many official delegations headed by ministers of agriculture, commercial delegations, and businessmen, all of whom came to see and check the relevance of technologies to their agricultural realities. We also enjoy the participation of delegations, both official and commercial, from Central and Eastern Europe and from Western Countries. 
  • It has already become a tradition that a scientific and professional conference takes place during the Agritech event, focusing each time on a selected topic related to agriculture and food production that is on the global agenda for being a challenge to be addressed, such as efficient and sufficient agricultural production under conditions of global warming, a subject that will be highlighted during the Agritech 2018 Conference.
  • The State of Israel is an essential partner in promoting and organizing the Agritech 2018 Exhibition & Conference, and other side events through the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI).​