​ Dipartment's Roles

  • Fostering and tightening the Ministry’s agricultural relations, as well as agricultural knowledge exchange, with countries from all over the world, for mutual benefit of both sides.
  • Fostering the agricultural relations with the diplomatic corps in Israel and Israeli embassies worldwide, including the Israeli agricultural attaches in Brussels and Geneva.
  • Working relations with Government Ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, CBS) and with public institutions and organizations (Bank of Israel, Jewish National Fund, marketing and production councils, the Israeli chambers of commerce, bi-national chambers of commerce, etc.)
  • Cooperation with the Israeli Export & International Corporation Institute, as well as with private sector elements which exports agricultural technologies.
  • Regularly relations with Mediterranean, European and international agricultural organizations (International Organization of Vine and Wine, Olive Oil, FAO, International Veterinary Organization, Plant Protection organizations, Mediterranean Fishing Committee, the International Horticulture Association and etc.)
  • Relations and cooperation with universities, funds and agricultural research institutes in Israel and around the world.
  • Promotion and organization of tours, conferences and exhibitions (including the International ‘Agritech’ Exhibition).
  •  Creation of publications in English about Israel’s agriculture
  •  Preparing and carrying out bi-national workshops and work groups in different fields of  agriculture.
  •  Coordination and organization of foreign guests visits in the Ministry such as ministers of agriculture and VIPs delegations. The visits are organized in cooperation with the professional ministry’s units, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government agencies.
  • Providing assistance in preparations to the Minister and his delegation in their working visits abroad.
  • Coordinating the phrasing, editing and submitting for signing and ratification of agreements and treaties between Israel and other countries, for agricultural cooperation, plant protection and veterinary matters, in cooperation with the Art Division of the Legal Department in the Foreign Ministry.






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