Sales Promotion Fund

Fresh agricultural produce comprises a significant slice of the plant industries’ total production volume.​​​​

The export scope of sensitive products such as vegetables, flowers and fruits stands at about 1.5 Billion Dollars.

These are unique products that require continuous and vigorous marketing efforts.
The Ministry of Agriculture partakes, through the Foreign Trade Center, in the marketing and sales promotion costs of exporters in numerous countries.

​​​​This task is carried out by an experts committee which operates the sales promotion fund. The estimated annual budget of the fund is 4.5 Million NIS.   

Fund’s Objectives

Support and assist export companies with their tasks, as follows:

·         Increasing the variety of export crops - variety in taste, color, aroma and new species.

·         Stretching the marketing period - earlier ripening and darkened settings for delayed ripening.

·         Broadening market diversity as well as niches inside markets.

·         Offering special support for the development of new products or opening of new markets for export.

·         Supporting activities that are aimed to maintain existing export, in light of the increasingly competitive markets.


The following recognized expenditure articles apply for cost-participation in sales promotion:

1.    Advertising - newspapers, monthly and weekly professional magazines, radio, television, catalogues for foreign countries (in foreign language), export calendars in foreign language and outdoor advertising abroad. Other advertising options include participation in talk-shows and cooking shows, flyer distribution for clients and advertising campaigns for consumers.

2.    Overseas exhibitions.

3.    Cooperation with trade elements and marketing chains in destination countries:

1.​ ​  Advertising, through the net, in newspapers, radio and television, and providing advertising material in the chain’s shops.

2.   Tasting and demonstration campaigns throughout the chain.

4.    Sample delivery.

5.    Market research.