Licenses for Tree Felling and Relocation

​​Licenses in areas under the responsibility of the JNF forestry officials

According to the guidelines of the Forest Ordinance, the forest commissioner shall provide the public with information on licenses for felling or relocating trees prior to their becoming valid. The information published includes the license requester, the location of the intended trees, their species and number, the reason for granting the license, name of the official granting the license, and its validity.

The publication of the licenses prior to their entry into effect shall last 14 days and shall be removed once they become valid.

The licenses published below are divided by JNF regions and cover the entire area of the country with the exception of nature reserves and national parks, as well as any town which has an appointed forest commissioner.

Appeals against a license granted to fell or relocate, within JNF territory, shall be submitted on an Appeal Form​ to the following address:

Dr. David Brand​

Phone: 02-9905566 / 02-9905760
Fax: 02-9915517 
​Valid Tree Felling and Relocation LicensesTree Felling and Relocation Licenses Awaiting their Validity Date
​Licenses for general resection and copying(In Hebrew)​​Licenses for general resection and copying ׂ(In Hebrew)