​​​​Main district activities 

Planning and development unit
  • Coordinating correspondence between the investments director and the agriculturists; informing them of the ministry's investment policies; approve project implementation
  • Collecting regional data via conferences, seminars and circulars sent to agriculturists
  • Informing ministry administration of special needs that arise
  • Water cutbacks – the district office handles water allocations, as defined by the policies of the Ministry and the Water Commissioner (allocation reduction rates and supplements as determined by the exceptions committee).
  • Foreign workers – the district office collects data and approves agriculturists' declarations of the scope of their work in order to allocate human resources.

​Land preservation, drainage and water unit

  • Locate the physical inverter in the region, including land, water, pasture and climate, and determine its potential
  • Design, inspect and supervise local and regional drainage facilities and evaluate the plans
  • Develop actions to preserve and improve land
  • Develop natural pastures
  • Master plan to improve land, drain, preserve land and pasture
  • Plans for surveys, local pooling and evaluations of water programs

​Other agricultural services

The district office shall be capable of providing diverse services for agriculturists such as granting certificates of ownership for farming equipment, submitting recommendations to the planning and construction committee for agricultural structures, authorizing agriculturists to uproot protected trees, etc. The district office also corresponds and coordinates activities with the local veterinarian services.​

The Agricultural Extension Service of Israel – Training Center

The district office runs a training center designed to train agriculturists by offering a wide range of activities, including tours, seminars, lectures and group activities. The trainers conduct research and development (R&D), observations, and field experiments for various agricultural sectors, with the agriculturists themselves or at research centers. The research is conducted in conjunction with units of the Ministry of Agriculture and with external organizations.
Ministry's Districts