Agriculture in the Arab sector

There are some 31 Arab villages in the district, of which 19 are agricultural villages that are active in the field of commercial agriculture. There are about 2,100 Arab farmers in the district. In addition to the commercial activity, the village has olive groves that produce olive oil for personal consumption. In 2006 the city Karmel, which is the unification of the Local Councils Daliat El Karmel and Osafia, was added to the district.


The water for the agricultural industries is provided by about 60 water associations and local authorities. There are about 150 kilometers of main water pipes in the Arab villages whose maintenance is done by the water associations, and 130 kilometers are maintained by the local authorities.

The main agriculture activity of this sector in the district is orchards, vegetables, field crops, stock and cattle.

The Arab sector's unique activity

As part of the Agricultural Investment Encouragement Law, agricultural roads are being restored in order to open access to cultivated plots. The farmers' applications are submitted through the relevant authorities, and the work is done in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, while the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development provides full funding.