​​​​The non-agricultural activities of the farms are the result of searching for complementary sources of income in the agricultural branch, which often does not provide a sole income, especially for the family farms.

The tourism allows the continuation of the agricultural activity, because it is seasonal and focuses on a target audience interested in the symbiosis between agriculture, rural spaces and the environment.


The agricultural tourism is one of the branches in the field of rural tourism. This is a branch based on the agricultural activity itself. For example: fruit picking tours, field tours, different experiences in the farm, animals, selling the agricultural produce of the farm, tours in cheese factories and vineyards and so on. In order to make the agricultural farm suitable for tourism it is required to invest in accessibility, parking and services, signage and directions.

The department provides consultation to initiatives in the field of agricultural tourism and encourages the development of infrastructure that will make the farms suitable for absorbing rural and agricultural tourism.


The Planning Department publishes an electronic newsletter on matters of agricultural tourism named the Tayaron.