Communications and Spokesmanship

As part of operations conducted this week by the inspectors of the Central Enforcement and Investigations Unit, they uncovered an attempt to market strawberry originating in the territories of the Palestinian Authority in the Jerusalem region. The suspect, in his 20s, was caught transporting 200 strawberry packages containing about 1,050 Kg of strawberries. He was detained for questioning and legal proceedings were initiated against him. Meanwhile, the strawberries were transferred for destruction.

From the beginning of the year to date, inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture have seized and destroyed 42 tons of fruit and vegetables originating from the Palestinian Authority that may pose a danger to public health. It should be noted that the Agricultural Produce Marketing Law stipulates a number of preconditions for entry of agricultural produce into Israel, including: requirement to transfer produce through controlled sites specified by law; testing the amount of pesticide residue in the produce, sampling of the irrigation water used to during the cultivation of the crops, and testing residue of the materials used. Agricultural produce that is untested poses a danger to public health and could lead to the introduction of pests and diseases which may cause devastating damage to many agricultural sectors.