In a planned operation by inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit, together with the Misgav police, a clandestine slaughterhouse was uncovered in Sakhnin. 200 kg of illicitly slaughtered beef were found. 
Also, in another raid in Tamra, the inspectors found a clandestine slaughterhouse where 170 kg of illicitly slaughtered beef were seized.
In both cases, legal proceedings were initiated against the store owners. The meat was sent to be destroyed following a medical order.

The Ministry of Agriculture: announced that it is forbidden to transfer animal-origin products from the autonomous Palestinian territories, due to concern for the public health. Furthermore, operation of meat processing facilities without the proper permit and supervision is prohibited. The Ministry requests that the public buy meat only in recognized, supervised retail outlets. In addition, care must be taken that the product be sold in its original packaging, closed and clean with indication and marking of the manufacture date and the sell-by date.