The Ministry of Agriculture has begun an official investigation against an abattoir in Haifa following the report and video broadcast last night on Channel 2 News. The article raised suspicions of violations of the animal cruelty prevention law, the livestock slaughter regulations, and deficiencies in the implementation of the Veterinary Service procedures. Concurrent with the opening of the investigation, the Ministry has ordered an immediate halt to all work at the abattoir until after the hearing. The factory owners will be summoned for a hearing at the Ministry next week. 

The abattoir is supervised by a veterinarian surgeon on behalf of the local authority, and therefore, besides investigating the owners and workers at the factory, the Veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture will also be investigating the supervisory organization in the Haifa municipality. The abattoir in Haifa is responsible for the slaughter of about 20% of the local meat market. 

The Ministry inspectors visited the abattoir, after having issued a court order to seize equipment, documents and photographs from the cameras at the site. The inspection uncovered deficiencies both in terms of hygiene and in terms of animal cruelty and therefore the decision was to halt the slaughter activity at the site with immediate effect, until after the hearing.

The Ministry calls upon entities in possession of information on animal cruelty to report it immediately, and to provide the relevant authorities with all of the information they have, in order to enable swift investigation and prevent further cruelty to animals.