The horse was emaciated and shivering. He was taken for rehabilitation in a protected Ministry facility

Following an incoming citizen’s complaint concerning a horse that had been abandoned and was suffering from neglect near Azor, the Ministry of Agriculture inspectors arrived for an inspection. In their inspection this weekend, the inspectors found a horse, about one and a half years of age, laying on the ground suffering from emaciation, inflamed legs and sores around the jaw. The evacuation was made very difficult due to the torrential rains that weekend, which impeded access to the location. Scars and injuries were found on his body from the corral in which he was being kept. To make things worse, food and water were nowhere to be found. In view of the findings at the scene and following a decision of the Ministry’s equine veterinarian, the horse was immediately evacuated to a protected facility belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture for rehabilitation and medical care.

These evacuations are part of a rescue program for horses which have fallen prey to abuse or neglect. The program began in 2007 and in view of the many rescue and evacuation cases, it has continued its operations till today. Horses which have been rescued from neglect, and which have been rehabilitated at the Ministry’s protected facilities, have been handed over to hundreds of adopting families able to provide a warm home and the treatment horses need. 

The Ministry of Agriculture calls on the general public to continue to report cases of cruelty to animals or animal abandonment by their owners to the Ministry’s hotline at *9096. The hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Dr. Zvia Mildenberg, equine veterinarian at the veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture: “When we arrived at the scene we found an abandoned horse laying on the ground shivering in the cold and having difficulty walking. His muscles were stiff from the cold. The horse was also suffering from an inflammation in his legs and from infected sores around the jaw. It was quite astounding to see how the horse literally ran toward the horse transport trailer, which took him to the Ministry of Agriculture’s protected facility for rehabilitation and medical care. We call on the general public to report cases of suspicion of cruelty to animals to the Ministry’s hotline. Filing a timely complaint can save the animal’s life”.