​​Surprise from Indonesia!

Ministry of Agriculture Inspectors Uncover Huge Shipment of over 13,000 Marine Animals Smuggled from Indonesia

The shipment arrived at Tel Aviv Airport. It included over 10,000 aquarium fish and 3,000 aquarium crabs, some of which it is forbidden to import • The animals have been sent for quarantine and the suspect has been remanded for interrogation 

Inspectors of the Veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture uncovered a shipment of over 13,000 marine animals barred from being imported, and which had been smuggled into Israel into harmless-looking plastic containers of what were to all appearances aquarium fish. The shipment arrived from Indonesia via Tel Aviv Airport. It contained over 10,000 aquarium fish and 3,000 aquarium crabs, some of them from proscribed species. The animals have been send for quarantine and an investigation has been initiated against the suspect.

In fact, the shipment in question arrived in Israel from Indonesia, and was supposed to contain aquarium fish and crabs of species which are permitted for import. However among the legitimate containers were also containers of unknown crab species, which were therefore sent for identification by marine biology experts. The shipment arrived with apparently good bills of health, however a comparison made between the species approved in the bill of health and the actual shipment found discrepancies. 

The Ministry regards with the utmost severity the import, keeping and trading in proscribed fish species, which may be harmful to man or to the environment. Introduction of species which currently do not exist in Israel will cause severe harm to the floral and faunal ecological balance in Israel and will damage marine populations causing environmental damage. The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to enforce the law on smuggling of proscribed fish. 

Marine Animals Smuggled