​​Ministry of Agriculture Inspectors Uncover 1.5 Tons of Unsupervised Slaughtered Meat Intended for Sale 

The Ministry stresses that we must continue to make sure we buy products in their original packaging, sealed and clean with indication and marking of the manufacture date and expiry date

The Independence Day celebrations are just around the corner, flags have been hung from our windows and the plans for the upcoming barbecues are already underway. The Ministry of Agriculture, too, is preparing, but in slightly different ways: Inspectors from the Ministry’s Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit (PITZUACH) are reinforcing their numbers ahead of the holiday. So while Israeli consumers seek the cheapest place to buy their barbecue meat, the inspectors are busy making sure any meat purchased will be healthy! 

In the course of their activity, the inspectors this weekend uncovered a battery of refrigerators in the central town of Tira this weekend, in which some 1.5 tons of meat were being kept, partly illicitly slaughtered, without the required oversight of a veterinarian. Some had been smuggled from the Palestinian Authority’s territory. The meat was kept under substandard conditions, constituting an immediate threat to public health. Interrogation of the suspects found that the meat was designated for sale in the nearby area. The meat was sent to be destroyed and legal proceedings have been initiated against the owner of the facility.

As a rule, under normal circumstances, inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit (PITZUACH) carry out routine inspections round the clock, however ahead of Independence Day the inspection gets even tighter, since in the run-up to the most blue-white day of the year, there is always an uptick in smuggling. 

Roee Kliger, head of the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture: "The Ministry regards each and every case of smuggling animal products, illicit slaughter and sale of unsupervised meat with the utmost gravity. Therefore, the professional staff is constantly working to enforce the law and thwart such attempts.  Be sure to buy meat only from approved outlets, which are under supervision (holders of a butchery license).