The Ministry of Agriculture has filed criminal charges against Dr. David Dedier for tossing a bitch into a dumpster • At the same time, the Ministry is considering launching disciplinary proceedings against him for professional negligence

The Ministry of Agriculture filed an indictment in the Haifa Magistrates court against the Kiryat Motzkin, Kiryat Yam & Kiryat Bialik Municipal Veterinarian, Dr. David Didier, charging him with discarding a bitch, which he thought was dead, into a dumpster this June. The investigation found that the defendant was asked by the dog’s owner to euthanize the animal, which had been suffering from cancer. Dr. Didier charged for the procedure and for handling the carcass, however two and a half days later the bitch was found by passers-by, tossed in a dumpster, alive and whining.

Israel Police investigated this incident on suspicion of cruelty to animals violations. After the police failed to collect sufficient evidence to prosecute, the case was closed and referred, at the Ministry of Agriculture’s request, for criminal and disciplinary evaluation of the veterinarian’s conduct. After the Ministry of Agriculture’s prosecutor concluded that the very fact of discarding the animal in a dumpster in itself constituted a violation from the criminal standpoint, it was decided to file the said charges. 

At the same time the Ministry is considering disciplinary proceedings against the veterinarian on suspicion of grave medical negligence and conduct unfit for a veterinarian surgeon. At the end of the disciplinary proceedings, the Minister of Agriculture will be authorized to take various punitive disciplinary measures against the perpetrator, ranging from a warning to revocation of his license to practice veterinary medicine.