​About 40 dogs and puppies were found, some of them pregnant bitches suffering from severe and prolonged neglect

All the dogs were evacuated and transported to a protected facility operated by the Ministry of Agriculture
The Department of Agriculture is working tirelessly to enforce the animal welfare law and considers this to be a very grave case. The Ministry calls on the general public to adopt the dogs waiting in its facilities, and not to encourage the activities of unlawful breeding businesses

The Ministry of Agriculture calls on the general public to report any case of animal abuse to its hotline, open 24/7
As a result of police operations in Isfiya that were unrelated to the animal welfare case, police arrived at a warehouse owned by the suspect, and there they found about 40 dogs. When the dogs were discovered, the police called in the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture to care for these dogs. The initial findings indicate that this is an illicit site used to breed dogs and sell their puppies. All the dogs were held in small, neglected cells.

As part of a police operation conducted this morning, police forces arrived at a warehouse in Isfiya that is owned by the suspect. The preliminary findings indicate that the suspect, a man in his 60s, lives in Haifa and owns a warehouse in Isfiya where he raises the dogs. When they arrived at the warehouse, the police officers were shocked to discover dozens of dogs, all small breeds, such as Shizuo, Chihuahua, Poodle and Cavalier, all held in the site. They immediately summoned the veterinary services at the Ministry of Agriculture. Upon the arrival of a team of supervisors from the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit and a veterinarian on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture's veterinary services, suspicion was raised that this was an illegal breeding site for the breeding and selling dogs.

The dogs found in the warehouse were neither vaccinated nor legally registered. All of them were kept under dreadful conditions, some in small cages insufficient for their size and some in small, dirty cells. Also, the water and food provided for the dogs was scattered and was not fresh. However, it was clear that their physical condition was passable, but they were frightened and confused as a result of the neglect they had experienced. The dogs were not taken for walks and were closed inside the dark building, which of course caused them harm. All the dogs were transferred to a Department of Agriculture protected facility for initial medical care and rehabilitation. The property owners were taken in for questioning by the police in relation to the case that brought the police to the scene in the first place, and later the suspect will be transferred for questioning by the Ministry of Agriculture, which will initiate legal proceedings against him for the animal welfare violations found at the scene.

The Ministry of Agriculture takes every case of violation of the Animal Welfare Act very seriously, and calls on the general public to continue to report cases of animal abuse or abandonment by their owners to the Ministry's hotline, at Tel: 03-9559911. The hotline is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.