“We are ratcheting our slaughterhouses inspections up a notch," commented Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel. "We were all witnesses to those severe cases in various slaughterhouses throughout Israel. On the one hand we must not generalize, but on the other hand we must increase monitoring and enforcement to prevent such cases from recurring. Installation of cameras in slaughterhouses is a crucial step that will increase control and deterrence. I have no doubt this action will protect the animals and prevent their abuse, which must never happen in a Jewish state "

Following past incidents of animal abuse in slaughterhouses and abattoirs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has ordered the installation of "smart cameras" in slaughterhouses and abattoirs across the country. These facilities will be required to install cameras in every area where animals are handled up to their slaughter. The cameras are intended to remotely slaughterhouse and abattoir operations monitor regarding animal welfare and to document any cases of abuse. This precaution is meant to augment the facility’s existing supervision system, not replace it. The cameras will serve as a deterrent, as workers will now know they are being filmed 24/7.
The Ministry of Agriculture is confident that installing cameras and using centralized supervision will help to minimize the animals’ suffering.

As part of the Cameras Project, some 400 cameras and about 50 digital recording systems will be installed in 50 slaughterhouses. The slaughterhouses’ supervision teams will view the footage, and it will also be transmitted to a control room that will be set up in the Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services. To make progress on this cause, the Ministry is currently issuing tenders for the for the supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras, and expects that during 2016 all animal based food production facilities, slaughterhouses and abattoirs will be equipped with cameras.
Director of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Nadav Galon comments: "The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is strongly opposed to cases of animal abuse, and treats them with zero tolerance. The Ministry will continue to streamline the supervision and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Law, and take various measures to eradicate cruelty to animals both through enforcement measures, and through advocacy."