​​So what did we have in 2017? Approximately 54,100 new dogs have been registered in the database, of which about 22,200 are newborn pups • What are the most original names given to dogs? Among the names in the database are the following: Absurd, Wedding, Doughnut, Watermelon, Amazon, and Saint • In which city will our four-legged friends have the most friends? Tel Aviv and Rishon LeZion. • In which city is there more than one dog per family? Kokhav Yair, Tzfat and Ariel • What are the most popular names in 2017? Mika and Lola for females and Louie for males, and the list goes on... 

From the day the National Dog Registration Center was set up at the Veterinary Service in the Ministry of Agriculture, over 13 years ago, until today, over 789,089 dogs have been registered, of which 445,800 are still wagging their tails among us. The Center’s purpose is to regulate the supervision over dogs in Israel and to create a single, nationwide database containing the details of all the dogs registered in Israel. This has been done out of concern over public health and animal health.
According to the data from the National Dog Registration Center at the Ministry of Agriculture, the public has a slight preference for males. As of today, there are 220,092 females and 225,715 males, as opposed to 218,716 females and 225,679 males in 2016. 70.3% of the females are neutered and 50.4% of the males are castrated.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture data, the average dog age is 6 years.
Of all the dogs registered in 2017, 22,200, are puppies (about 5% of all dogs), aged less than one year. Most of the dogs registered are aged between 10-5 years of age (203,181, or 45% of all dogs), followed by dogs aged 2 to 4 (124,419, or 28% of all dogs). There are 98,000 dogs aged 11 to 16, or 22% of all registered dogs. 

So how many four-legged friends were born in 2017? This last year the Ministry of Agriculture’s database has added 54,100new dogs, among which the most popular breed was the Shih Tzu with 1,387 new dogs in first place. These were followed by 992 Pomeranians in second place. The third place was taken by the German Shepherd with 878 new dogs. Fourth place were the Maltese with 639 new dogs. Yorkshire Terriers came fifth with 609 new dogs. The most popular names given to dogs born this year were Louie (272) for males, Belle (268) and Luna (248) for females. 
What are the most original names given in 2017? The most original names recorded in the database are: Absurd, Wedding, Amazon, Saint, Carmelit, Watermelon and Doughnut.
What are the most popular names in 2017? The database shows that the most popular dog names in Israel are Mika for females (4,252 females answer to this name) and Louie among males (3,476 dogs answer to this name). Mika has been the most popular name among dogs in Israel for the sixth consecutive year. Other popular names are Lola, Luna, Toffee, belle, and Mocha for females, and Choco, Johnny, Lucky and Simba for males.

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What is the most popular breed of dogs? Among the thoroughbred dogs, the most popular breed among dog owners is the  Pekingese, in first place for three years now with 17,910 dogs in the database. Labrador came in second this year as well with 15,815 dogs, followed by the Shih Tzu which has climbed up to third place with 15,615 dogs. The German Shepherd is fourth with 15,667 dogs and the Pincher has gone down to fifth place with 13,695 dogs. 

Where will dogs enjoy the most company? As has been the case in recent years, this year too, Tel Aviv heads the list of dog ownership in Israel. In 2017 Tel Aviv recorded 32,000 dogs living in the city. Haifa came in second with 14,700 dogs, Beer Sheva rose to third place with 13,575 and Rishon LeZion dropped to fourth place with some 13,000 dogs. Jerusalem had 12,250.
There are, on the other hand, places where there are less dogs - for example Modi’in Illit, Rechasim and Betar Illit head the list of cities with the least dogs in Israel. In 2017 only three dogs were registered in Modi’in Illit, Rechasim had only 6 and Betar Illit only 19 dogs. 
The main cities where households keep more than one dog in absolute terms are Tel Aviv with 3,317 families keeping more than one dog out of 32,223 families owning a dog in the city, Rishon LeZion with 1,568 out of 14,656 and Beer Sheva with 1,380 out of 11,677. 
The three cities in which the percentage of owners of more than one dog relative to the overall number of dog owners have remained: Kokhav Yair with 93 out of 504 families owning more than one dog, or 18% of all dog owners. 132 of 779 families in Tzfat and 256 of 1,544 families in Ariel. With 17% and 16% respectively of all dog owners in these towns owning more than one do

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What about the dog’s health and vaccination? To protect public health and the animals themselves, some 274,520 dogs have been vaccinated. This year, too, Tel Aviv tops the list of cities by number of vaccinations. there are 25,847 dogs in the city. Rishon LeZion climbed up to second place with 10,754 vaccinated dogs and Petach Tikvah rose to third place with 9,920 vaccinated dogs.