​Ministry of Agriculture inspectors work tirelessly to prevent attempts to sell unauthorized products which pose a public health hazard

Within a week, the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit (PITZUACH) inspectors at the Ministry of Agriculture have foiled five attempts to sell unsupervised meat and agricultural produce, and which pose a potential consumer health hazard. 
In the south, the inspectors foiled an attempt to smuggle 2 tons of vine leaves smuggled from Judea and Samaria, totally unsupervised, and which were intended for sale. The Ministry of Agriculture inspectors also foiled five other attempts to sell 1.3 tons of illicitly slaughtered and totally unsupervised beef in the north. At the same time, in the course of a routine inspection, 400 kg of expired-date chickens destined for sale were seized in the north. ​

In the first incident, the Unit inspectors at the Jerusalem crossings, in the Al-Zaeem and Tunnels crossings, foiled two attempts to smuggle some 2 tons of vine leaves, which had originated from Judea and Samaria, and which posed a potential public health hazard. In the course of a routine inspection at the Jerusalem Periphery crossings, the inspectors identified a suspicious vehicle and alerted the Ministry of Agriculture inspectors. Legal proceedings have been initiated against the vehicle drivers and the produce has been sent to be destroyed under orders from a physician.

Additionally, in the course of an inspection at a restaurant in Akko, 150 kg of beef were seized. The beef was found to have been sourced from Judea and Samaria, and was held under conditions posing a public health hazard. The restaurant owner was taken in for interrogation and legal proceedings have been initiated against him. At the same time, in two separate cases in Nazareth and Tamra, some 300 kg of frozen beef and 250 kg fresh beef (respectively) were seized after having been produced from illicit slaughter. The owner of the butchery, in the hear of Tamra, was interrogated and the meat was sent to be destroyed. ​
In another case which occurred in the course for a routine patrol in the Yagur Junction area, some 30 cartons with 600 kg of frozen meat of unknown origin were discovered. The meat was sent to be destroyed. In another routine inspection by Ministry of Agriculture inspectors in Nazareth, some 400 kg of chicken destined for sale but whose expiry date had passed were seized. 

Roee Kliger, manager of the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture: “Our professionals in the Ministry of Agriculture work continually to thwart attempts to sell products which are not which are not properly supervised”.