The expo is expected to generate deals, export agreements and collaborations in many different fields • According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Israel is a leading exporter of Israeli-made agricultural technologies • In 2016, 204 Israeli companies exported 9.1 billion dollars of agricultural technology products.
Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel: “Thanks to our advanced research and outstanding farmers, Israel stands at the cutting edge of the world’s agro-tech. The numbers speak for themselves with a 50% increase over previous years in the number of ministers and dignitaries arriving this year for Agritech. The expo is the prime venue for those seeking exposure to Israel’s agro-technologies. Thousands flock to the expo each year to learn from the Israeli research and farming, both of which face unique challenges and devise impressive solutions. We will continue to work for Israeli agriculture and for Israeli research to enable it to continue to spearhead global agriculture”.
Starting tomorrow and through to the end of the week, the Ministry of Agriculture will be showcasing the products of the local agro-technology at the Agritech 2018 expo, a professional, international exhibition, taking place for the 20th time. The best of the technologies and developments in the fields of food and farming will be on display, all of which will be forming the cutting edge of global agriculture, with special emphasis on dealing with future climate crises. All these are the product of development work at the Research Administration, the Volcani Institute, other academic research institutions and agrotechnology companies working in Israel. 
The expo is the flagship event of Israel’s agrotech industry. It forma a hotbed for deals, for dissemination of the Israeli knowledge and technologies and for international agreements. The expo will cover an area of about 14,000 sq.m. with over 200 leading representatives taking part from the fields of food, biotechnology, irrigation, livestock, seeds, greenhouses, instrumentation and more. Over 35,000 visitors are expected from Israel and from abroad, including delegations of about 40 ministers from countries such as China, Ghana, Greece, Albania, Nepal, Indonesia, South Sudan and Panama. Additionally, some 30 delegations consisting of Deputy Ministers and Director-Generals are expected to arrive, including from India, Serbia and about 600 Palestinian representatives.
Indeed, the expo creates in its wake a host of deals and export agreements in the field. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Israel is a leading exporter of the Israeli-made agricultural technologies made in Israel. In 2016, 204 companies exported a total of about 9.1 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural technologies. Israel has exported equipment for the dairy and poultry sectors worth about 212 million dollars, equipment and materials for agriculture worth about 625 million dollars, irrigation systems worth about 1.5 billion dollars, seeds and propagation materials totaling about 250 million dollars. The primary export destinations for the agricultural and agrotechnical inputs are western Europe, which buys about 36.1% of the total exports, and North America, which purchases 21.5% of the total exports in this field.
The main goal of the Agritech 2018 expo, which is being held under the banner of 70 years of Israeli independence and 60 years of work at the Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to expose and present the advanced Israeli technological capabilities in fields such as international equipment and accessories, greenhouses, equipment for dairies and poultry farms, precision agriculture, computerization etc. As part of the expo, a pavilion will be set up dedicated to innovation, to be run by the Israel Innovation Authority, where 22 Israeli start-ups will be presenting the cream of their innovations in agriculture technologies. Furthermore, besides the booths set up by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Israel Innovation Authority, there are also booths belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Volcani Institute and the Export Institute, which are fully-fledged partners in promoting and setting up the expo, taking part in a variety of activities, seminars, and side-shows.
The twentieth Agriculture Expo, Agritech 2018, will be open from tomorrow, Tuesday, through to Thursday, 8-10 May 2018, at the Tel Aviv Convention Center / Fairgrounds. The public is welcome!