​Ministry of Agriculture inspectors evacuated 2 horses with gunshot wounds from the town of Ar’ara near Dimona. It is believed the wounds were sustained as a tragic result of a feud between two clans. 2 horses were at the scene, a stallion and a mare, bleeding from the abdomen and neck. The mare, who was suffering acute pain, unfortunately did not survive and died at the scene. The stallion, seriously injured, was immediately sent by the inspectors to the veterinarian hospital in Azor. The matter has bee referred to the police for further investigation.

The incident started with a complaint about the dire condition of the horses, which was filed by the municipal veterinarian. When the complaint arrived at the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry inspectors set out to the scene with the Ministry’s equine veterinarian and a police force, where they found the mare with two gunshot wounds in the abdomen, having lost much blood and writhing in severe pain. The veterinarians decided she had to be sedated but, sadly, despite their best efforts, she died at the scene. A stallion was also found at the scene, still on his feet, with gunshot wounds to the neck. The stallion was immediately sent by the inspectors for treatment at the veterinarian hospital. At the hospital it transpired that it would be possible to save the stallion’s life despite the slug, which had entered his body in the neck. It missed major blood vessels by just a few centimeters and, had they been hit, the injury would have lead to the animal’s death. The stallion has undergone treatment and is now recovering under close supervision at the hospital. From there he will be transferred to a Ministry of Agriculture sheltered facility for further recuperation and rehabilitation.

Dr. Zvia Mildenberg, Equine Veterinarian at the Veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture: “The Ministry of Agriculture regards the issue of animal welfare to be of great importance. This is a feud between two clans in the town, which ended with the horses being shot in revenge. The family that owns the horses refused to file a complaint with the police and sought to resolve the dispute itself”.

The Ministry calls on the public to contact the Ministry in case of any suspicion of violation of the animal cruelty prevention law. Calls on this issue can be sent to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Department in the Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, by email to:welfare@moag.gov.il or to the following fax: 03-9681661. It is recommended that the complaints be sent with collateral documentation.