Animal Feed

Supervision of Animal feed Feeding animals with high quality food at a high level of safety allows the effective and intensive production of meat, milk, eggs and animal products for human consumption, and will improve animal health and welfare.

The supervision of the production and marketing of animal feed is regulated at present by the Order for the Regulation of Food and Services (the Production and Trade of Animal Feed) 1971 (henceforth – the Feed Order).

The Law for the Control of the Production and Marketing of Animal Feed, or as it is commonly known- “the Feed law”, was expected to enter into effect at the beginning of 2014. The law offers a complete regulation of the control of the production and marketing of feed in an up to date manner, in accordance with the practices of supervision and tracking of the feed from its production to the feeding of the animal, which are the accepted practices in the developed countries of the world. Thus enables tracking up to the marketing of animal source foods to human beings, in accordance with the concept of “From Farm to Fork”.

Until the new law enters into effect, we shall operate in accordance with the Feed Order and our supervision shall focus mainly on the health and safety aspect of feed.

The Responsibilities of the Department:

1. Issuing permits for the production or marketing of animal feed;

2. Register Feed supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, microorganisms and probiotic bacteria);

3. Determining regulations and provisions for the importation of feed;

4. Establishing an information system in which the list of authorized producers shall be published. The system shall also include a rapid alert mechanism for the identification, detection, collection and prevention of the marketing of feed which is not suitable for animal consumption;

5. Supervision and enforcement.