​A national campaign has recently been launched to encourage you, the dog owners, to neuter and castrate your dogs at a special price.

The campaign is intended to improve the life of the dog population and to prevent the suffering of thousands of dogs and puppies that are deserted and abandoned every year.

Only 10% of the abandoned dogs and puppies find a home, while the rest die on the streets, hungry, neglected, suffering from abuse, run over by vehicles or put to sleep in dog shelters. Castration and neutering are the most humane way of decreasing the number of unwanted off-springs and thereby reducing the number of abandoned dogs.


An additional important point is the health of the dogs: castration and neutering can improve the dog’s health, prevent disease and improve the dog’s behavior and quality of life.  The minor side effects that may result can be reduced through proper nutrition and care.


For more information concerning the importance of castration and neutering for the dog's health


How to participate in the campaign?


Choose a veterinarian from the list of veterinarians taking part in the campaign and make an appointment for the carrying out the procedure.


·         If your dog has been vaccinated for rabies, the appointment will be made immediately.

·         If your dog has not been vaccinated for rabies, you must make sure that it has been vaccinated before the castration/neutering procedure.  Within the framework of the campaign, you will also receive a reduced price for the dog license, granted to neutered animals.

Prices during the campaign period:

·         Neutering a female dog will only cost up to 400 NIS instead of 850 NIS.

·         Castrating a male dog will only cost up to 420 NIS instead of 620 NIS.


The remainder of the cost will be covered by the veterinarian and the government (In special or exceptional cases, where the weight of the male/female dog is over 25 kilo, or the male/female dog is of age seven or up, or in the case of a particularly fat dog or a pregnant female dog, the veterinarian could charge up to an additional 200 NIS).


The campaign is for a limited time only!  Hurry-up and make an appointment!

A campaign to encourage the castration and neutering of dogs - 2010