​​EU-Israel Twinning project IL / 10 CRIS/2015/356-293 Strengthening of Israeli Veterinary Diagnostic Capacities

An EU-Israel “twinning” project that aims to strengthen the capacities of the Kimron Veterinary Institute was launched on 26 March, 2015. The EU-funded project is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with experts from Germany and the Netherlands and focuses on the capacities of the Institute in terms of legislation, enforcement and institutional building. The overall goal is for Israel to enhance its compliance with international requirements regarding the monitoring and control of animal diseases and food safety of products of animal origin for consumers.

The European Union is funding the 18 month project with 1,030,000 Euro. The project's specific goals are to achieve rapid, effective surveillance and control of prevailing infectious animal diseases as well as provision of reliable evidence to certify animals and products of animal origin as safe for human consumption, in compliance with European Union (EU) and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) standards.

Leading the project, are experts from Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health in Germany, one of whom is acting as Resident Twinning Advisor at the Kimron Veterinary Institute. They work in collaboration with their Israeli counterparts at Beit Dagan while additional experts from Germany and the Netherlands will guide and support the project by means of a series of working groups, workshops and training sessions, as well as study visits to Europe.

The Kick Off Meeting of the twinning project was held on 26 March at the Kimron Veterinary Institute in Beit Dagan. Among the speakers was the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Yair Shamir, EU Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen and the German and Israeli project leaders.




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