Horse Health


The horse industry has developed over many years in the State of Israel, during the past five years with the close guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, following the horse industry being declared an agricultural industry two years ago by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Shalom Simhon.

The horse industry is greatly influenced by existing world activity in the field, and has thus also developed in various directions in Israel, such as: racing, endurance riding, Olympic sport, Western competitive events, therapeutic horseback riding, exhibitions and more.

In light of this, breeders in Israel have also purchased purebred horses, such as Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Quarters and others, non-profit organizations have organized themselves in accordance with the various activities and set up frameworks for registering the horses, as demanded by international requirements.

A lack of appropriate legislation has limited the extent of investment, particularly in the field of racing and industry development.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's activities in the industry is similar to its activities in all of the animal industries and includes veterinary care and inspection, supervision of the animals' food and welfare. The government, at the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, is promoting horse racing as a sport, and will build two hippodromes, the first in the Gilboa region and the second in the Negev. To translate the minister's decision into actual activity in the field, an external special advisor, Dr. Mordechai Cohen (Kedmon), was appointed to the industry during 2010, and serves as the industry coordinator and has joined the extensive activity for treating horses within the Ministry's veterinary services.