Horse Health

The department of horse health is responsible for the following issues:

1.     Suggested regulations concerning the health and welfare of horses and donkeys.

2.     Accepting appeals from growers relating to issues of horse health, cultivation, grooming and welfare.

3.     Running the horse and donkey salvation and rehabilitation project at the Ministry of Agriculture – complaints regarding the neglect and abuse of horses and donkeys can be submitted twenty four hours a day by calling the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit hotline at: 03-9559911.

4.     Arranging patrols and inspections of horse stables.

5.     Issuing permits for events with horses.

6.     Organizing explanatory lectures on the topics of horse health, cultivation and welfare.

7.     Inspecting building plans for horse stables, more information on this topic can be found in the instruction manual.

8.     Publishing Dr. Seuss, the Veterinary Services’ newspaper for horse growers, and information pamphlets for horse growers and doctors.

These issues are handled in cooparation with the veterinary offices, the veterinary doctors at the local authorities, the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit and the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.



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