​​The deparmtnet is in charge of the import and export of animals, animal products and biological substances to and from Israel, and of the certification and passage of animals and their products through Israel to the territory of the Palestinian Authority.

Currently working in this department are: eight full time veterinary doctors, one part time veterinary office doctor, three inspectors and two secretaries.

This team supervises over three sea ports (Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat), Ben Gurion Airport, three land border crossings (Nitzana, Taba and Wadi Araba), two government quarantine stations (Haifa and Ramla), two authorized quarantine locations for cattle, sheep and goats (Tzofar and Eilot) and several authorized quarantine locations for ornamental birds. Two additional land border crossings – The Jordan River and Allenby Bridge – are supervised by the Plant Protection and Inspection Services also in matters which fall under the jurisdiction of the Veterinary Services.

The department’s responsibilities regarding import:

1.     Setting provisions and issuing licenses for the importation of:

-       Animals, including the semen and embryos of livestock animals, and the reproductive eggs and semen of birds.

-       Meat and entrails.

-       Animal products meant for the feeding and gorging of animals.

-       Hides, horns hear and feathers.

-       Apiary products (Royal jelly, Propolis, Pollen and Beeswax).

-       Biological substances: microorganisms, vaccines (including serums) and disease transmitters (internal and external microorganisms and parasites).

2.     Inspecting imported animals/goods at the sea ports in order to ensure they comply with the specifications and provisions made in the importation license/permit.

3.     Supervising over government quarantine stations and other authorized quarantine locations in which imported animals are kept.

4.     Collecting blood and other samples from imported animals or goods for laboratory testing.

5.     The clearance of animals or goods at the end of the required quarantine period, after they have been tested, or after the satisfactory results of the laboratory test have been received, or handling them as determined.

All these are meant to prevent the introduction of dangerous animal diseases into the state of Israel and the damage to public health.

The department’s responsibilities regarding export:

A.    Complying with the veterinary requirements made by the country of destination.

B.    Document export shipments at the request of the country of destination.

C.    Testing goods and animals at the time of exportation in order to comply with the documentation requirements and to authorize their export.

D.    Handling the clearance of detained goods in cooperation with the economic/agricultural attachés at the Israeli embassies and the regulatory authorities abroad.

All these are meant to enable orderly trade and to preserve Israel’s reputation as well as the good reputation of its products. In addition, the department is involved in veterinary treaties existing between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in matters concerning the trade in animals and their products and the regulation of the transfer of goods intended for the Palestinian Authority through the State of Israel.​