The departmnet is responsible for the following issues:

·         The supervision of slaughterhouses in accordance with the Animal Disease Regulations (Animal Slaughter).

·         The prevention of the spread of animal diseases.

·         Regular veterinary inspection of slaughterhouses.

·         Monitoring meat hygiene and quality.

·         Granting licenses for the establishment of new slaughterhouses.

·         Granting slaughterhouses with operating licenses.

·         Training of doctors and inspectors.

The activity of the Chief Veterinary Doctor for Slaughterhouse Supervision is determined by the Animal Slaughter Regulations 1964.

The extent of his authority and responsibility for the activity of slaughterhouses is in accordance with the activity specification anchored in the Animal Slaughter Regulations in the Animal Disease Ordinance.

The Chief Veterinary Doctor for Slaughterhouse Supervision is responsible for the following fields:

·         Authorizing the establishment and the operation of slaughterhouses, and the supervision over the proper operation of slaughterhouses in Israel.

·         Granting certification to slaughterhouses operation outside of Israel.

·         Authorizing the establishment of a slaughterhouse for cattle (subject to the declaration of the Minister of Agriculture in accordance with the thirteenth supplement of the Animal Slaughter Regulations 1964). Certifying that the building plans comply with the specification of slaughterhouse activity defined by law.

·         Meeting Israel’s slaughterhouse quota according to the guidelines of the Minister of Agriculture and the Director of the Veterinary Services.

·         Gathering the monthly reports submitted by the slaughterhouse doctors and transferring them to be updated in the Veterinary Services’ data base.

·         Granting certification to meat products (animal disease prevention and/or meat contamination) to countries which export these products to Israel.

·         Inspecting and certifying cold storage facilities and plants abroad which store meat prior to it being exported to Israel.

·         Advising the Director of the Veterinary Services in matters concerning meat and its inspection.

·         The prevention and reduction of un-authorized slaughter.

·         Gathering samples to be tested for biological residue in beef lamb and pork.

·         Supervising over rabbit slaughterhouses.

·         Granting permits for meat packing, packaging and storing in accordance with the Animal Disease Regulations (Animal Slaughter) 1964.

·         Supervising over slaughterhouse loses.

·         Supervising over the operation of slaughterhouses during times of contagious disease outbreaks.

·         Supervising over urgent slaughters

·         Supervising over cruelty to animals.

·         Granting slaughter permits during times of disease outbreaks.

·         Supervising over the transportation and distribution of meat.

·         Supervising over the implementation of standard 1188 for the production of minced meat.

·         Participation in meat related committees which are associated with the Ministry of Health, the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Standards Institution of Israel.