Small Ruminants Health

​The sheep and goat doctor at the Veterinary Services is responsible for the following issues:

·         Maintaining the health of the Israeli sheep and goat herds.

·         Monitoring and preventing contagious sheep and goat diseases.

·         Assistance in reducing the sickness rate during disease outbreaks.

·         Assisting doctors, growers, the Israeli Stockmen’s Association and the Agricultural Extension Service of Israel in everything related to sheep and goat medicine.

·         Conducting frequent visits in sheep and goat farms in an attempt to locate and solve problems.

Within the efforts to reduce the sickness rates in sheep and goat herds in Israel there are three actions which the buyer must perform prior to acquiring new animals for his farm.

Test and inquiries which are required before purchasing sheep and goats for growing purposes:

A.    Inquiring the following information with the veterinary office in whose jurisdiction the selling herd is:

1.     The history of disease in the herd from the previous ten years.

2.     Verification that the herd has been given all mandatory vaccinations (vaccinations against: Brucella, Foot and Mouth Disease, Peste des petits ruminants, sheep pox) and non-mandatory vaccinations (vaccinations against: Pulpy Kidney, Chlamydia and Q fever).

3.     Verification that the herd does not carry Brucellosis.

B.    The animals intended for purchasing shall be tested to ensure that they do not carry Maedi Visna / Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis, Mycoplasma and Bovine Tuberculosis. These tests are serologic and shall be performed at the laboratories of the Veterinary Institute (the tests shall be performed one after the other and not in parallel).

C.    After the test results confirming that the animals do not carry these three diseases have been received, the buyer shall appoint a veterinary doctor who shall perform on his behalf a physical examination of all the animals, and provide him with a document certifying that all the animals are healthy.