Veterinary Chemical Preparations and Biological products

​The responsibility of the Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture for public health and the health and welfare of animals extends also to the supervision of veterinary medications and preparations.

The department operates in several fields, all defined by the laws and regulations concerning the division’s responsibilities:

A.    Registration of Vaccines.

B.    Registration of chemical preparations used as pesticides and disinfectants.

C.    Supervising over medications, vaccinations, chemical preparations, veterinary clinics, animal farms and plants producing animal feed.

D.    Advising the Ministry of Health in issues concerning veterinary preparations.

E.    Offering professional help and Support to the Central Investigation and Enforcement Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture.

F.    Performing as the recipient of public complaints relating to veterinary preparations and handling these complaints.

G.    Regulating and advancing legislation related to veterinary preparations.

H.    Creating and operating the veterinary preparation steering forum.