​​​​​​The library of the Kimron Veterinary Institute is a specialized library serving the research and diagnostic needs of the staff at the Beit Dagan site, plus providing services to the entire Veterinary Services throughout the country. The library is well situated to serve the needs of the professional and teaching staff of the nearby Veterinary School and Veterinary Hospital, and the students of the Veterinary School. The library is open to the public at large.

The library is located on the ground floor of the new administration building of the Veterinary Services, within the confines of the large complex occupied by the Ministry of Agriculture, on the main road between Beit Dagan and Rishon le Zion


Faina Gol​ender​​Head of ​​Library, Tel. 972-3-9681705, Fax. 972-3-9681780 

Habusha Efrat, Librarian, Tel. 972-3-9681666, Fax. 972-3-9681780



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