The National Database of Pests Present in Israel is managed by the Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS). The purpose of this database is to assemble all the information into an integrated data system, which includes the data already existing in the different PPIS divisions, in internet sources and in printed or electronic literature. The information is periodically updated by the PPIS.

The information contained in the National Database, may be used by internal parties within the Ministry of Agriculture such as the Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) unit, the Pest Diagnosis division and the Extension Service, as well as external users such as school and university students, researchers, farmers and international organizations.

The database contains information such as pest scientific names, common names in Hebrew and English, taxonomic classification, host range, references and more.

Establishing this database entailed great efforts in data collection, validation, editing and publishing. If you see that important information is missing, please turn to Dr. Moshe Vaknin at the PPIS.​

The National Database of Pests Present in Israel​