Regulatory Policy

​​Regulation is a primary tool for advancing the economy and society at large. The existence of a well-developed regulatory system is fundamental to an advanced country that looks out for the public interest. It enables the existence of a modern, efficient and growing economy. This being said, one must bear in mind that excessive regulatory burdens may encumber the economy, hobble economic activity and impact social issues such as price levels and employment levels.

Regulation, therefore, must be applied in measured doses to intelligently balance between safeguarding the underlying public interests and preserving the scope for free enterprise by businesses and individuals. This is globally referred to as “smart regulation”. Smart regulation includes dialog with the public, preference for methods reducing regulatory burdens, and consideration of other public interests.
Government decision 2118, dated October 22, 2014, entitled ‘Reducing regulatory burden', the Government of Israel outlined a plan for reducing the regulatory burden and for improving regulation. The plan for reducing the regulatory burden consists of two main components.
The first component is upgrading existing regulation as part of a five-year plan. It encompasses all the regulators in the Government ministries. 

The Regulatory Policy unit within the Ministry leads the execution of the plan and is responsible for leading the regulatory reforms.
The second component assimilates a process of creating new regulation - Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). This means that each regulator seeking to create a new regulation must undergo a process which includes analysis of the need for the regulation and evaluation of alternatives. The RIA process is intended to help form regulation which will achieve its goals while incurring minimum cost to the economy.

The unit helps regulators and decision-makers work in accordance with risk management. For further details, see the Government Guide to Risk management in Regulation and Public Policy: 

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Regulatory Stakeholder Forum
We invite stakeholders to register and state which issues are of interest to you (animal importation / forest commissioner / pesticides etc.), to enable you to influence new and future regulations relevant to your areas of interest.
You are invited to sign up to the forum and specify your areas of interest. 



Regulatory Policy Policy
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