Animal and Plant Inspection and Enforcement Unit





​​​​The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through the Animal and Plant Inspection Unit, is responsible for inspecting and monitoring the transfer of agricultural produce from the Palestinian Authority into Israel and for preventing the entry of prohibited agricultural produce.

The Unit operates at the produce transfer sites, where it oversees the inspection of agricultural produce at the border crossings, and deploys a countrywide network of patrol vehicles that respond to incoming intelligence in the aim of locating prohibited smuggled agricultural produce. The Unit’s operations are coordinated vis-à-vis the security and enforcement forces.
The Unit’s enforcement activity focuses on veterinary violations that may endanger public health. This means that the focus is on violations pertaining to meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit that are smuggled without veterinary or phyto-sanitary supervision (health supervision of vegetable produce). The Palestinian Authority does not conduct veterinary supervision and/or inspection according to Israel’s standards; therefore the entry of livestock and their products to Israel is prohibited.
When smuggled goods of these kinds are caught, the entire shipment is destroyed, according to public health regulations.

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