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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (hereinafter: the Ministry) provides the information on this online service / on the Internet information website (hereinafter: the Service) subject to the following conditions.
The term “user” applies to any person contacting or interacting with the Service.


Under the applicable copyright laws in Israel, and in accordance with international conventions, the copyrights in the Ministry’s publications, including those published in this Service, are the property of the State of Israel. These copyrights cover, inter alia, text, images, illustrations, maps, sound bites, video clips, graphics and software applications (hereinafter: the Protected Content), unless it has been stated expressly that the copyrights in the Protected Content belong to a different entity.
The user is permitted to make “reasonable use” of the Protected Content in accordance with the terms specified by law. Reasonable use includes reasonable quotations out of the Protected Content.
When quoted, the source of the quote shall be stated, whether it is the Ministry or any other entity. The user is forbidden to make any distortion, misrepresentation, degradation, or other alteration to the Protected Content, or to perform any action which may degrade the value of the Protected Content, or which may offend the honor or reputation of the owner of the copyrights.
Subject to the copyright laws, the user is forbidden to copy, redistribute, rebroadcast, or publish Protected Content without receiving prior written permission from the Ministry. 

​Copyright Violation

Anyone who believes there has been an infringement of copyrights he or she owns, may contact the entity responsible for the website’s content (in the Contact Us box, listing under “To”: - Possible copyright violation) and the person responsible will see to the immediate discontinuation of the use. (Of course if any such mistake has been made, it has most probably been made inadvertently and apologies are in place).

Contacting the Ministry

With any question concerning this service, and for any other questions concerning the Ministry’s work, please contact us via the Contact Us form (In Hebrew) 


The service is offered to the public “as is”.
The State of Israel shall bear no responsibility for the suitability of the Service to the user’s needs. Neither shall the State of Israel bear any responsibility for errors or mistakes in the material presented within the Service. 

The State of Israel shall bear no responsibility for changes made by the user or by any third party in the material presented within the Service.
The user shall bear sole responsibility for the way in which he or she makes use of the service.
The State of Israel shall bear no responsibility for any damage incurred by the user or by any third party as a result, direct or indirect, of the user of the Service, including damage caused by using the software applications which have been downloaded directly through the Service or which were activated as a consequence of using the Service, including Active-X, JavaScript, and Java applications
For purposes of this clause, the “State of Israel” includes its employees, its representatives, the State, or the Ministry 


This service contains links to other websites. The instructions below shall apply to use of these links, and they shall not detract from the rest of the guidelines in the terms of use. The links are intended for the user’s convenience only.
For external links, which are not the property of the State of Israel (third-party links): unless stated otherwise in this website, no legal or commercial relationship exists between the Ministry and the owners of third-party websites, and the Ministry has no control or rights to the content on those websites.
The State is not responsible for the content of the material included in third-party websites.
Links to third-party websites shall not be construed to imply endorsement, confirmation, recommendation, or preference by the State or the Ministry of the linked websites, including documents and any other material within them, or of the site operators or of the products presented in them.
At the time any link was included within this Service, it was found that the information in the linked website is suitable to the purposes of the Service, and that the link itself was working. It is however possible that over time, changes may be made in the linked website. If the user believes the website or the linked material is unsuitable, or if the link is found to be faulty, the user is requested to notify the website administrator via the Contact Us form (In Hebrew)​​​ .
Furthermore, if the user believes there is an additional website relevant to the content of this Service, the user is requested to notify the website administrator via the Contact Us form (In Hebrew)​


Personal data provided to the Ministry via this Service, shall remain confidential in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981

Official Publications of the State of Israel

If any contradiction or non-conformity is found between material published on this Service and material appearing in the official written publications of the State of Israel, only the material in the official publications shall be considered to be correct.