Ministry Vision

​​​The Ministry sh​all work to develop agriculture in Israel and to consolidate the settlement in the spirit of the Zionist values to safeguard the State lands and its resources, to assure a supply of fresh, high quality food to the inhabitants of the State of Israel and to leverage the relative advantage of Israel’s agriculture​​.

Goals and Targets for 2017   

​​Goal 1: Ensuring the existence and flourishing of Israel’s agriculture​

​• To lower the cost of the production components and increase their availability
To improve the competitiveness of Israeli produce worldwide​​​
To develop and commercialize knowledge and innovation
To ensure a future generation for the Israeli agriculture 
To assure farmers of reasonable conditions for production
Goal 2: Ensuring a fresh, high-quality, healthy and safe product for the public

To improve the safety and quality of the agricultural produce
To maximize the nutritional and health value of the agricultura​l produce​
Goal 3: Ensuring continuity of the supply of agricultural produce and lowering the cost of living

To improve the availability of the supply of a wide variety of products throughout the entire year
        both during routine periods and in emergencies
To reduce economic profit margins and produce depreciation ​
​Goal 4: Encouraging and developing sustainable agriculture and improving livestock protection                 and their welfare

To protect animals and their welfare 
To implement and assimilate environment-protective agriculture
To safeguard and develop open spaces for marginal cultivation and pasture
To safeguard agricultural land and bodies of water
To protect the forests and trees
Goal 5: Socio-economic upgrading of the rural and agricultural settlement throughout the                           geographic and social periphery 

To encourage and develop the agricultural and rural settlement in the periphery
To arrange housing solutions for the Bedouin population of the Negev
To socio-economically develop the Bedouin population and the minority sector
To arrange the settlement of the Bedouin population of the Negev
Goal 6: Improvement of the quality of service to the farmers and to the general public 

To improve the efficiency of the service to the public through reducing bureaucracy and lightening
         the regulatory burden​
To improve and manage the internal service on an ongoing basis while strengthening the human